Finance Office

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Our Offices Responsibility to Our Residents:

The Finance office is responsible for recording revenues and expenditures, verifying and depositing cash receipts, invoice payments and payroll processing. Our office is also responsible for fund transfers, bank reconciliations, government fund accounting, investments and maintaining all account records according to State and Federal mandates. The Finance department also plans and administers debt policies and develops long range financial plans. Grant and bond fund accounts are maintained and numerous state and federal reports are prepared.  The Finance department is also responsible for following all proper audit procedures as well as assisting the independent auditors during the mandated annual audit.  Our office also prepares the financial statements and drafts the Annual Town Budget.

The Finance Department is here to serve the Town of Griswold by offering courteous customer service and strong attention to detail in a timely, efficient manner.

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Mil Rates
Griswold = 25.07
Jewett City = 3.89

Griswold     11,402 


Call Our Office:

Erik Christensen
Director of Finance
860-376-7060 x2206
email me

Karen LaFreniere
860-376-7060 x2203
email me

Linda Holzschlag
Assistant Bookkeeper
860-376-7060 x2204
email me

Linda Cote
860-376-7060 x2205

Griswold Town Hall
28 Main Street
Jewett City, CT 06351
Phone: 860 376-7060
Fax:  860-376-4820

Our office is on the second floor of the Town Hall.

Monday - Wednesday
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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Approved Budgets6 documents

  • FY23-24 Approved Budget
    document Header FY23-24 Approved Budget
  • FY22-23 Approved Budget
    document Header FY22-23 Approved Budget
  • FY21-22 Approved Budget
    document Header FY21-22 Approved Budget
  • FY20-21 Approved Budget
    document Header FY20-21 Approved Budget
  • FY19-20 Approved Budget
    document Header FY19-20 Approved Budget
  • FY18-19 Approved Budget
    document Header FY18-19 Approved Budget

Annual Financial Reports6 documents

  • FY21-22 Audit Report
    document Header FY21-22 Audit Report
  • FY20-21 Audit Report
    document Header FY20-21 Audit Report
  • FY19-20 Audit Report
    document Header FY19-20 Audit Report
  • FY18-19 Audit Report
    document Header FY18-19 Audit Report
  • FY17-18 Audit Report
    document Header FY17-18 Audit Report
  • FY16-17 Audit Report
    document Header FY16-17 Audit Report