Youth & Family Services 

and  Community Youth Center


Ryan K. Aubin
Director of Youth & Family Services and Youth Services Bureau

and the Recreation Department

68 Ashland Street

Jewett City, CT 06351

    Youth Center Supervisors:     Elizabeth Bentley        Erika Bevis     

                                                 Michael Morton


   Juvenile Review Board – Case Manager: Joshua George

860 376-7026
Cell Phone  
860 213-1524.

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A Little Bit About Youth & Family Services

Griswold Youth and Family Services is a member of the New London County Chapter as a Youth Services Bureau.  YSBs are thelead local agency in community planning, coordinating and evaluating primary, secondary and terciary prevention and treatment services for at-risk youth and providing opportunities for all you to develop positively and function as responsible members of their communities.


YSBs, mandated by Connecticut General Statute Section 10-19m, act as advocates for youth and their families within their municipality for a network of resources, community outreach, family involvement and opportunities for children youth and their families.


Griswold's YSB Programming examples:


            Holiday Helper Christmas Program                Family Fun Day


    Food Drives                                         Toy Drives  


          Community Events                                 Youthtopia          


    Paw-to-Paw Scholarship Fund


Griswold Youth & Family Services exists to provide positive youth development and prevention opportunities for the young people of Griswold and surrounding communities. Located at the Griswold Community Youth Center in downtown Jewett City at the Slater Mill Mall, 39 Wedgwood Drive, the Youth & Family Services Department provides a number of activities to help area youth grow and flourish in a supervised and constructive setting.


Programs being offered include:


Homework Assistance

Monthly Events

Youth Mentor Staff
Opportunities for Community Service
Youth  Resume Writing Assistance
Youth Job Networking

Sports Programming
Video Games and Entertainment
Free Internet for Griswold Youth
Seasonal Community Projects

Internships for Youth  

and More!


The Community Youth Center's mission is to supply a safe haven for at-risk teens of Griswold and Jewett City. 


We provide opportunities for our youth to make a positive difference in our town through community services and programming. Our goal is to create an environment that encourages our youth to become responsible citizens. 


The Community Your   currently serves youth between the ages of  10 – 18 years old who are enrolled in the Griswold School System. 


For more information, contact Director Ryan Aubin.


Skate Park at Hill and Wilson Streets



Griswold Youth Center and Youth Services Bureau

works in partnership with


Griswold High School

Griswold Middle School

Griswold Elementary School




Griswold Senior Center

Backus Hospital

Programming is funded through municipal funds, private, state and federal grants, community business partners, member fundraising, and the support of caring individuals who continue to believe in the importance of reaching out to youth with positive opportunities for growth.



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