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Links of Interest

Connecticut Town Clerks Portal Online access to Town Records  For a small subscription fee, land records can be viewed via the internet.




Connecticut Town Clerks Portal

Online access to Town Records  For a small subscription fee, land records can be viewed via the internet.



  • The Town Clerk’s Office administers election services for the Town of Griswold.
  • Distribution of voter registration cards
  • Administration of the oath of office to all elected officials
  • Records elections results, maintenance of election and campaign financing records
  • Records MaintenanceNotary Service

The following records and certificates are archived with the Griswold Town Clerk’s Office

  • Land Transactions
  • Maps, site plans and surveys
  • Files and maintains notices, agendas and minutes
  • Contracts and agreements Vital statistics including: births, marriages, deaths, adoptions, and burials

A fee schedule of all records and licensing provided is available online. The Town Clerk also handles miscellaneous duties such as jurisdictional codification of ordinances and regulations and serving as agent for the town as well as custodian of the Seal of the Town of Griswold.

Dog licenses are required for residents only. Residents must bring in a spay or neuter certificate from the veterinarian as well as a current rabies certificate.

Marriage licenses are required for couples having wedding ceremonies within the Town of Griswold. Marriage licenses are to be obtained in the town of occurrence.

Griswold Town Clerk no longer issues

Connecticut Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Licenses

To buy your license, permits and tags, go on line to

 You can purchase your hunting trapping and fishing licenses as well as deer, turkey and migratory bird permits. 


EFFECTIVE October 1, 2009

The following fees will be collected:


Birth Certificate Copy- Short Form:


Birth Certificate copy- Long Form


Marriage Certificate Copy


Death Certificate Copy


Hand Held Scanner Usage


Civil Union


Replacement Certificate Filing for Notary


Campaign Finance Late Filing


 CERTIFIED COPIES: CGS Sec.7-34a     $2.00 (from $1.00)


Licenses issued to any blind, mentally disabled or physically disabled person shall be a LIFETIME license.



PER PA 09-229






Public Act No. 11-173

An Act Concerning Revisions to Elections Related Statutes


Sec. 56. (NEW) (Effective January 1, 2012) (a) Any elector who is permanently physically disabled and who files an application for an absentee ballot with a certification from a primary care provider, indicating that such elector is permanently physically disabled and unable to appear in person at such elector's designated polling location, shall be eligible for permanent absentee ballot status and shall receive an application for an absentee ballot for each election, primary or referendum conducted in such elector's municipality for which such elector is eligible to vote. Such elector's permanent absentee ballot status shall remain in effect until such elector: (1) Is removed from the official registry list of the municipality, (2) is removed from permanent absentee ballot status pursuant to the provisions of this section, or (3) requests that he or she no longer receive such permanent absentee ballot status.

(b) The registrars of voters shall send written notice to each such elector with permanent absentee ballot status in January of each year, on a form prescribed by the Secretary of the State, for the purpose of determining if such elector continues to reside at the address indicated on the elector's permanent absentee ballot application. If such written notice is not returned within thirty days or is returned as undeliverable, the elector in question shall be removed from permanent absentee ballot status. If such elector indicates on such notice that the elector no longer resides at such address and the elector's new address is within the same municipality, the registrars of voters shall change the elector's address pursuant to section 9-35 of the general statutes and such elector shall retain permanent absentee ballot status. If the elector indicates on such notice that the elector no longer resides in the municipality, the registrars of voters shall remove such individual from the registry list of the municipality and send such individual an application for voter registration. Failure to return such written notice shall not result in the removal of an elector from the official registry list of the municipality.

(Emphasis Added)               Notice of Permanent Absentee Ballot Status Application

“Connecticut General Statutes § 1-217 prohibits the Town of  Griswold from disclosing, under the Freedom of Information  Act, the residential address of any of the following persons:


(1) A federal court judge, federal court magistrate, judge of the Superior Court, Appellate Court or Supreme Court of the state, or family support magistrate;

(2) A sworn member of a municipal police department, a sworn member of the Division of State Police within the Department of Public Safety or a sworn law enforcement officer within the Department of Environmental Protection;

(3) An employee of the Department of Correction;

(4) An attorney-at-law who represents or has represented the state in a criminal prosecution;

(5) An attorney-at-law who is or has been employed by the Public  Defender Services Division or a social worker who is employed by the Public Defender Services Division;

(6) An inspector employed by the Division of Criminal Justice;

(7) A firefighter;

(8) An employee of the Department of Children and Families;

(9) A member or employee of the Board of Pardons and Paroles;

(10) An employee of the judicial branch;

(11) An employee of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services who provides direct care to patients;


(12) A member or employee of the Commission on Human Rights

and Opportunities.

If you fall within one or more of these categories, please inform us in writing or by e-mail at the following address:

Ellen Dupont, Town Clerk, 28 Main Street, Griswold, CT 06351

Your letter should be written on business letterhead, and should provide us with 1) your name, 2) your residential address in town,  and 3) the exempt classification to which you belong.  Please note that this law applies only to residential addresses, not to business addresses.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

 Responding to Freedom of Information Requests

“We are in receipt of your freedom of information request, dated _______.

While the Town of Griswold possesses public records that are responsive

to your request, aspects of thosedocuments may be prohibited from disclosure

pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes § 1-217. We are in the process of

attempting to identify which records or portions of records are prohibited

from disclosure. As soon as we are able to do so, we will respond

to your request promptly




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